We are a team of positive, like-minded, successful people, which is continually reflected in our attention to detail, our drive to add value, and our PRIME focus on successful delivery of our clients’ goals.

So instead we will simply tell you what we passionately believe in…

Prime focusses on mainstream building construction design and operates across a wide variety of sectors ranging from Residential, Commercial and Retail to Energy and Industrial for both Private and Public Sector Clients.

Our Clients

Our Strategy

We are small enough to care and big enough to cope… Our strategic position we believe offers significant advantages to our clients in terms of local support, 

  • Local service design offices allows us to build client focused relationships based on trust and dependency
  • We retain the flexibility to distribute engineering resource to maximise capability
  • Finance, HR, Procurement at one location keeping local offices client focused & providing economies of scale
  • Creates growth potential in terms of location and in services provision
  • Central business development support to improve our people and our systems, which transcends to our clients and our continuity of delivery to them


Our team is a diverse mix of talents, skills, experience and roles working in harmony to add value to each other, projects and to clients:


The strength of a chain is dependant upon the bond between its individual links. There is no link greater than the other and the chain requires oil for lubrication and cogs to keep it turning. Where leadership oils the mechanism it is our support staff who are the cogs in the machine, without them nothing moves, and a well oiled machine that can shift gears seamlessly when required produces winning results. Our deliberate strategy is to centralise administration functions to create economies of scale that facilitate our competitiveness, whist local design office administration supports the customer lifecycle process, and our correlated systems provide the gear shift mechanism.

You will find our support staff friendly, supportive and dedicated to internal and external customers. Their diverse role and attitude to quality and service typifies our philosophy and contributes to the supportive and stress-free atmosphere in our offices.

The two main Technical Directors, Jim Adams and David Irvine, are both SER Certified Engineers who between them have 75 years experience in UK engineering consultancy. Their knowledge and understanding across all construction sectors, coupled with their leadership experience provides a mentoring platform for the engineering teams within the local design offices to grow and succeed. The third main Director is Derek Mair, who sits on the board of a range of companies and has held senior positions in Fortune 500 companies working world wide for 30 years and acts in a development and financial management capacity.

Jim, David and Derek believe passionately in a personal approach to business and to project partners. Their focus is on design economics, consistent delivery and collaborative success, where a values driven culture defines the foundation to combine passion, purpose, empowerment, innovation and systems technology for the benefit of the team, the business and client success.

Graduates create fresh energy within the team. We consider it a privilege to offer career opportunities to dedicated young people who share our passion and company values. Their enthusiasm and up to date speciality knowledge also adds value to more seasoned engineers, which means we challenge each other from the top down and bottom up. Working from different design offices throughout their training provides them a balanced experience through a wide range of design development challenge's and projects. It is also essential they are involved in client liaison and support processes and are available on the phone to field questions and escalate technical queries, taking ownership for ensuring a response is provided to you.

They do exactly what it says on the tin… Using a spectrum of analysis and calculation tools our design engineers are at the forefront of project design team liaison, managing the whole design process in all structural forms, where Senior Engineers will oversee all aspects of project deliverables. With a strong support infrastructure, including scheduled access to Personal Development Coaching and Technical Career Mentoring, they will carry out structural design reviews from inception to completions, site inspections and surveys, coordination of stakeholders and the supervision of CAD Technicians. We believe it is also important to get them involved in company growth strategies and in mentoring junior and graduate engineers, thus progressing their careers along with the value they can bring to the team and to clients, and building sustainable business infrastructure in pursuit of our company vision to be your structural designers of choice.

The common concept of an organisational charts is to place the Directors at the top through the inference that the most important people are at the top of the chart. We share that inference, the reason our CAD technicians are at the top of our Organisation chart. The Directors are placed at the bottom of the chart and provide the platform for everyone else to succeed. Everyone above them, from an internal perspective, are there to support the CAD Technicians. They have the most influence on a successful deliverable timeline… From the early stages of a project they leverage the most up to date technology to provide a visual reference for the engineers to effectively verify designs… To the deliverable stage of the project, providing the visual reference for all stakeholders to execute on the design validations.

Our investment into Associates offers technical experience in design and full project management. Our investment in the business future through them will ensure succession. Taking responsibility for all engineering deliverables, the expectation to lead and mentor the engineering teams, to work in partnership with clients and stakeholder design teams will ensure success. Sharing our passion for delivering creative, stylish design solutions and life time value through providing complete trust in our structural integrity they add true value through their breadth of experience and most significantly, in their role a linchpin in the design lifecycle process.

Our Directors create the platform for the team to thrive, get to know them:

Jim Adams - Director

What strengths do you bring to the team?

There is nothing I have not been exposed to in terms of design, build or eventually demolition, which ultimately means I can deliver solutions or solicit the best solutions from internal or external project design teams. In such a diverse and gratifying 30 year plus career, where I have developed and sold engineering businesses, built successful teams and designed across the full range of civil and structural forms, including steel, concrete, timber and hybrid in all sectors… be it new builds, refurbishment or restoration projects… it may sound like a cliché, but it simply boils down to the experience I bring. 

What does the word Client mean to you?

Opportunity to service, lifelong partnership, benefits from mutual association 

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

Satisfaction of jobs going out the door properly designed and detailed, and just the sense of contribution we make through being able to see a finished development. I simply enjoy working with people, be they staff or clients. 

What is your favourite quote?

“The harder I work; The luckier I get”  - Unknown.

What is your biggest lesson in Business?

Focus your efforts on living up to your commitments, especially on time scales.



David Irvine - Director

What strengths do you bring to the team?

Working in main stream consulting Engineering since the late 70’s – the last 30 years at Senior level on a variety of prestigious projects in various locations throughout the UK – including 10 years based in London, and on projects overseas including UAE, Egypt and South East Africa… Having also built, managed and sold structural engineering businesses, worked at Director level to guide projects in all sectors, and develop people of all skill levels, I believe my strengths are apparent in my experience, but more than that it is about my ability to build positive progressive relationships.

What does the word Client mean to you?

Understanding their needs = Providing a quality service = Retention and life time value  

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

The truth is I still get a kick out of designing and being involved in creating buildings.

Seeing my colleagues develop, so they can similarly enjoy the challenges of structural design.

What is your favourite quote?

“Vosrsprung Durch Technik” - Audi

What is your biggest lesson in Business?

You assume communication is simple, in fact it needs a lot of awareness, resilience and skill

Derek Mair - Director

What strengths do you bring to the team?

Balance. The one residing lesson I have learned in starting multi-million pound operations in three continents, leading global projects, transformational change, building high performance teams, and SME businesses, is that real change begins when you create a platform where everyone within the organisation can actively question, and by so doing disrupt the emotional reality and the cultural norms to create new better norms.

What does the word Client mean to you?

Lifeblood, desire to support, continual revenue because they choose to repeatedly Partner with us.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

Seeing people grow and develop, supporting each other in contribution to the team, business and client success… After all we spend as much time at work, why not enjoy it and grow through it.

What is your favourite quote?

“Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value” - Albert Einstein

What is your biggest lesson in Business?

Focus on results and you may well achieve them; focus on consistent and never ending improvement and you will achieve massive results.